About Me

Throughout the course of my life I have always been expressing myself with art in some shape or form; also with all sorts of different mediums from pencil sketching to wood sculpture.

I started my bonsai journey in 2005 with a standard Bonsai New Zealand juniper procumbens purchased from my local Mitre10.

Since 2005 I have studied under the guidance of Colin Churchill. Colin has also shown me the ‘doors’ through which I have been able to take my studies further; and over the last decade he has become a great mentor and friend.

I have attended workshops with Tony Bebb, Robert Steven, Nobuyuki Kajiwara and Peter Adams. I started to study under Harry Harrington at Bonsai4me in 2010, with paid tuition and casual guidance, my studies with Harry are ongoing and he has become a very good friend.

I have taught Bonsai Basics block courses in conjunction with a local garden centre with a class of eight students spanning over a 6 week period; as well as undertaking one-on-one private tuition with students face to face and via email correspondance.

My recent bonsai journey involves spending  a lot of time yamadori hunting out in the wild.  This includes spending time treking thru New Zealand’s beautiful rugged forests and ranges, alongside rivers and through valleys where I can soak up the wild fauna and flora.  This is an avenue of my bonsai journey I have come to cherish greatly!

Apart from bonsai, I enjoy walking and tramping, short and long distance, from forests to alpine with my wife Natalie and our sons Dominic and Aidan. Being outside amongst nature with loved ones takes my bonsai learning further as I absorb my surroundings.


2014 NZBA Cambridge National Exhibition
Emerging Talent Competition winner
Bonsai Photography Competition winner
2 x Bonsai Merit Awards

2015 NZBA Christchurch National Exhibition
3 x Bonsai Merit Awards

2016 NZBA Auckland National Exhibition
Best Tree & Pot Combination