Classic Root Hook – 25cm


This set of 3 tools I had originally custom made for myself to collect Yamadori out in the wild. For excavating trees in more extreme situations, rocky and steep environments where I was finding my standard bonsai root hooks were not withstanding the heavy and labor intensive work. All tools are made out of a solid 12mm Rebar with it folded and welded back on itself to form a ergonomic non-slip handle. All tools come with there own EudaiBonsai Lanyard with Carabiner, and all in the their own individual canvas tool-bag with draw-cord.

Classic Root Hook – 25cm

The classic root hook is used just as a standard bonsai root hook would be, to work loose the dirt around roots of the tree you are lifting. With the added advantages of the 12mm Rebar, being able to pull out large rocks in the way of the roots with being able to apply the extra strength and leverage possible with the 12mm Rebar.

This is the one Root Hook that will literally last you a life time, it will not bend or break when used purely on trees. It can be left out in the rain, sleet, or snow, covered in mud left out in the field; a quick wash with a wire wool or brush and it will be as good as the day you brought it!