Lodgepole Pine (Pinus Contorta)


Pinus Contorta, with the common names Lodgepole pine and Shore pine, and also known as Twisted pine, and Contorta pine, is a common tree in western North America.[3] It is common near the ocean shore and in dry montane forests to the subalpine, but is rare in lowland rain forests. Like all pines (member species of the genus Pinus), it is an evergreen conifer.

This tree was lifted by myself in January 2017. I lifted this tree off the Wahanga dome on Mount Tarawera, at the 930-960m mark. Where it was living with random snow fall, erosion and wild animals chewing on it. As you can see this little pine has lovely movement and is starting to exhibit some gorgeous craggy bark which you don’t get on collected trees of this size at lower altitude, a result of living at high altitude in such adverse conditions.
This Pine has recovered very well from being lifted with ample foliage which can now be styled.
The tree stands 410mm high from current substrate to the top of the foliage. The trunk base above soil line is 34mm across.

A gorgeous piece of New Zealand yamadori pre-styled by mother nature!