Multi-Trunk Privet #16


Height: 56cm

Width: 50cm

Nebari: 27cm


Ligustrum ovalifolium, is a species native to Japan and Korea. It is occasionally known as Japanese privet.

It has been introduced in many other parts of the world and it is classed in NZ as a invasive species.


This tree was lifted by myself in March 2018. I found this yamadori Privet in the Kawerau Pony Club hills where it had been chewed upon by horses, goats and sheep for many years. It has bounced back from lifting with some impressive growth, and I’ve given it it’s first styling. I’ve kept all the trunks and styled as is to give future owner all the options for the trees future. I suspect but cant be sure that the tree was originally 2 trees that have fused together. I have done the bare minimum to the deadwood, just cleaning up what was 100% needed, nothing too extensive or refined.

It is currently fully wired which will need removing in the coming months, I can de-wire the tree with an additional charge at the buyers request.