I am located in Whakatane in the Eastern Bay of Plenty where I’m available to give group workshops, one-to-one tuition and commissioned work in my garden.

I am also available to travel within the North Island to give talks, demonstrations, workshops and commissioned work.

Prices are charged per hour, I am able to gives quotes taking into consideration of any materials needed and the time I believe it will take me, aiming to keep costs at minimum to a pre fixed basis.

· I am able to give group or one-to-one tuition, specifically tailored to suit your own level of experience.

· Progressive learning programmes covering seasonal training.

· Raw tree development to older bonsai refinement and rebuilding, commissioned work I can carry out by myself or we can work together in the form of a lesson so that you can learn to design and style your bonsai for yourself as I work. Lessons are kept very informal which I find it easiest to teach as well as also getting as much work done I can in the time given.

· Tree design work where I can draw a achievable vision of what I think we can get your tree to look like in a certain amount of time. I can carry this work out for you or just explain how it is to be done.

· Carving work, from those big extensive jobs to those little touch ups just to clean up some man made cuts.

· I am also able to offer out in the wild tree hunting adventures where you can come see what I get up to hunting yamadori, preparing older trees for lifting, bringing trees home and the care that is needed for them once they are home. Depending on what I have going at any one time there are opportunities for me to take you out and find your own wild tree to bring home and start on its new bonsai journey.

· I am able to offer bonsai holiday care knowing your tree will be in safe hands whilst you have that well earnt break.

If you are interested please make contact, I would love to hear from you!